Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What I Found at The End of the Rainbow

One of the things I love about carving out a rewarding career in something I'm so passionate about is the absolute unknown each day will bring. A business has to at least pay the bills, so my sign of success is I'm still at it after nearly 9 years full time while supporting my girls and savoring every day of it.

I've met a lot of really supportive, interesting, kind people throughout the U.S. and I dare say, even in the Southern Hemisphere, through the sales and marketing of Har-Vest.

One such woman, Rochelle Lesser, whose emails initially kept ending up in my spam folder,persevered (for which I'm grateful!) and in the ensuing months I've had the pleasure to talk to her about our shared passions and peruse the absolutely jam packed website she maintains -- as well as a daily maintained useful blog. And now, she has placed Har-Vest on her website in the hopes that it will expand the market and help support her most worthwhile foundation. And I encourage you to explore The Land of Pure Gold.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Spring Has Sprung

The grass has riz. So much so that I have been forced to mow not once but twice in the past week and a half. It wouldn't be so bad except that I have Tennis Elbow which is not, unfortunately, from playing tennis, but probably something like starting up a gas mower and hurting myself!

Not surprisingly, with the onset of warmer weather the desire to get out and about increases and what better way to enjoy measuring the growth of leaves and buds than taking a walk. When that walk is to include a dog who has spent his winter not being walked, or walked much, or certainly walked with fewer distractions since a lot of people weren't out walking their dogs then than are walking their dogs now -- well, that dog may have lost any leash manners he might ever have had.

The no pull harnesses and harness/vests out on the market now can not only improve the dog's walking, but help make him useful to boot!

So get out there and walk! With control. And enjoy the budding!