Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back to School

The summer sun slants just so, the office supply stores scream SAVE SAVE SAVE so you gotta know Fall 09 A Better Pet LLC Puppy Kindergarten and Puppy Next Step Classes are right around the corner.

Space is limited, advance registration is required, fun is guaranteed, and the degree of education you can acquire to help shape your puppy or young dog is in your hands.

Keep your perspective on the zaniness of economy and settle in for a rewarding fall. Sign up through SELREC (216-691-2246 M-F 8:30 - 4:30 pm)

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Orphan Three Find New Homes

Brother, Sister & Uncle, the three orphaned kittens who arrived on Bastille Day, were probably born on or around Flag Day, left here the day before trash day. This is only notable in that I can clean and recover the use of my porch for visitors. It also eliminates the fear the growing monsters might make a mad dash into the house when coming or going!

The felines' personalities were pretty entrenched when they arrived, ears bent, needing bottle feeding every few hours and needing help to pee and poop. Back in those early days they slept about 22 hours out of 24. As they matured, slept less and gradually learned to drink milk, then how to eat solid food -- first wet, then dry, and ultimately all those other first skills like how to use the litter box, show off their skills of climbing, wrassling and charming, not to mention grooming -- they became quite individual.

Brother. Gray with white paws and a belly, Brother is the imp of the group. Count on Brother to leap from a chair into a large bowl of milk, splash, hop out, shake off, then lick himself dry and into a fuller belly at the same time. Very inventive fellow. Brother is a total boy cat and even though he was the last to learn new skills, once he mastered them he was totally with the program. Brother went off to a home with a young couple and two 1 year old cats. He's sure to join in the menagerie with bravado and charm before too long.

Sister from the start was the most vocal of the trio and remained true to that. Solid medium gray fur, blue eyes and a diminutive confidence about her. Okay so maybe she meowed a little, but always for a reason, never gratuitous. Uncle and Brother both looked up to her quite a bit, thanked her for her opinions, then would beat her up. But never together. And she always managed to escape unharmed. I really loved Sister! I'm sure I'll be keeping tabs on her!

Uncle. More mature than his gray/white brother, Uncle is a medium black furry fellow, blue eyes, piercing at times. If I had to give him 2 awards, #1 would be Cat With the Strongest Foot Fetish and #2 Least Likely to Enjoy Being Photographed. Uncle is a particular favorite of my daughter Callie, and is a great balance to Sister. Luck being luck, Sister and Uncle were adopted together after I counseled their new previously pet less couple, to sleep on it before making the decision to essentially adopt twins -- twice the cost and responsibility, but double the fun and they do so love each other!

Happy Trails to all, and now back to the business of dogs! Coming soon, Group Clinic Summer Madness!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Har-Vest goes a walkin'

Marketing a product you believe in but essentially gave birth to is, for me, an arduous task.

Whenever I start to feel defeated in my quest to increase sales, someone or something comes along to blow wind in my sagging sails and I continue to cross the ocean hoping to land in a port sometime soon. Sid of Tennessee sent me a beautiful video he posted on You Tube regarding a Juvenile Diabetes fundraiser close to home as his beautiful daughter deals with the trials and tribulations of that devastating illness in search of a cure. Sid's daughter, Caroline, has Hardy, her yellow lab service dog, sporting a Har-Vest in public access world, to help her on her journey.

Thanks Sid, for blowing a little wind into my sails!